About Rodio & Ursillo, Ltd.

Founded in 1980 by Joseph J. Rodio, Sr. and David R. Ursillo, Sr., Rodio & Ursillo, Ltd. is a full service law firm based in Providence, Rhode Island with decades of reputable legal experience.

A History of Service

With a proud tradition of labor and municipal representation, Rodio & Ursillo, Ltd. is a leader in finding unique and practical solutions in the constantly evolving fields of pension, healthcare, and coordination of benefits.

With experience representing both employers and employees in pension and healthcare matters, Rodio & Ursillo, Ltd. has the experience and perspective necessary to advise any party on how to achieve the most effective solutions to these continuously growing problems.

Decades of Experience

Since 1980, our firm has supported and advised private clients, municipalities, and quasi-governmental agencies in all aspects of operation.

Attorneys at Rodio & Ursillo, Ltd. are sought out to advise governmental and quasi-governmental clients on a range of matters including employment, bidding, compliance with all governing legal documents, civil litigation, and many others.

In addition to public labor organizations and governmental employers, the firm has experience counseling private labor organizations and employers. The result is a law firm equipped to advise on either public pension plans with a complex statutory and contractual framework or highly technical ERISA/Taft Hartley plans. Rodio & Ursillo, Ltd. serves many private pension and health and welfare trusts and is increasingly relied upon to ensure stability in these uncertain times.

Our Attorneys

Rodio & Ursillo, Ltd. attorneys are experienced in general corporate practice. The firm is adept at helping major clients navigate through mergers, acquisitions, stock redemptions, liquidations, transactional planning, and management advisory services.

The firm also has experience with numerous Rhode Island financial institutions, including commercial loan documentation and other general corporate representations.

Our corporate experience has given Rodio & Ursillo, Ltd. the knowledge to effectively represent its professional clients which include professional sports leagues, teams, and individual organizations.  Lastly, the Firm is equipped to represent its corporate clients in real estate and major commercial center developments, and commercial and industrial land use transactions.

Among the attorneys at Rodio & Ursillo, Ltd., the law firm is versed in all foundational legal areas and is prepared to handle any matters involving civil litigation, personal injury/negligence, tax law, estate planning, and gift-giving, individual and corporate real estate transactions, family law, and criminal law.